Monthly Meditation

Sunday November 25th

3:30-5pm $15

Gratitude Meditations

Special Events & Meditations

Space is always limited for our special classes and meditations. Make Sure you pre-register.

Saturday Night Restorative Yoga

Saturday October 13th 5-7pm $40


Sunday October 21st 3-5pm $40

Yoga & Accupuncture wrapped up in one blissful afternoon.
Gentle, Meditative Yoga followed by Savasna. During Savasana our Accupunturist will apply the needles to  various points and 3rd eye.  WAKE UP your chi, unblock stagnent energy and feel your vitatilty like never before.

Monthly Meditation

Sunday October 28th 3:30-5pm $15

Meditations on Positive Body Image

Silence & Celebration

Sunday December 9th 3-5pm $40

Relax, Renew and Restore
Spend an afternoon embracing the quiet side of your yoga practice. Sounds of the season and Essential Oils are used to enhance this restful experience. 
This Yearly Class is lead by Jessica and Swarandeep.


​601 West Market Street Perkasie PA 18944

Go Shavash Yourself 

Sunday November 11th 3-5pm $40

What's everyone's favorite pose? If you said savasana, the relaxation that follows our practice,

You're Right!  The yogis tell us that Savasana is the most difficult pose to master. Translated as Corpse Pose, this posture allows us to release or dissolve fears and anxiety.
This 2 part class will begin with an invigorating hatha yoga practice designed to ignite your inner fire. Next, a guided Savasana with Swarandeep Kaur. 
You return to a natural and balanced state.