Green Energy Series

Spring is the time to move the body and harness
the energies of rebirth and renewal.
Saturdays May 4th through June 15th

Full Series: 7 yoga classes 3 Vibrant Health classes $150

Join Green Energy Series with Kundalini Yoga for Vitality and New Opportunity. Reap the results of committed practice, while you clear away winter stagnation and outdated behaviors. Take on a Daily 40-day practice and watch yourself become lighter, brighter, stronger, more purposeful and focused.
These Seven Saturday sessions offer instruction, group support and suggestions to stay the course. Vibrant Health classes add to your experience and knowledge, harnessing the power of Super Greens and Nutrition.

7 Yoga classes meet Saturdays 10-11:30am (5/4-6/15)
3 Vibrant Health classes: Saturdays 12-1:15pm
May 11: Foraging for Greens and How to Grow Sprouts & Micro-Greens
May 25: Building your Green Smoothie and Delicious/Nutritious Juicing
June 8: How to make Kombucha and Enrich your brew with SuperGreens

Can't make them all..... single drop in
Yoga- $15
Vibrant Health -$25

Your Body as Sacred Space
Sunday, June 9, 3:00-5:00pm
Shine Yoga Center
with Beth Knudson
Your body is the way you interact in all of your relationships. Whatever you choose to do in life, your body is how you do it. When you can accept and take loving care of your body, it provides a foundation that supports all your hopes and dreams.
You can be loving and accepting toward your body, regardless of any judgments you may feel about it.
In this fun workshop, you’ll practice appreciating your body through guided movement, yoga, and meditation.
You’ll also learn a series of affirmations that will infuse you with loving kindness.
Dress comfortably in clothes you can move in. Bring a journal or something to write on and your favorite pen.

Beth Knudson Yoga Therapy is your new BFF.
She loves coffee, cooking, snuggling puppies, and long walks in the woods.
The work of body acceptance and helping women heal from diet culture is near and dear to her. As a certified yoga therapist, she supports clients through one-on-one sessions, workshops, retreats, and online programs. You can join her Facebook group, Make Peace with Your Body.

Special Events & Meditations

Space is always limited for our special classes and meditations. Make Sure you pre-register.


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