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What is a Sankulpa?
The word “Sankulpa’ comes from the combination of san, a connection to the higher Self, and kulpa, a vow or heartfelt intention. Thus a sankulpa is deep statement about who we are or vow to be.
Unlike a new years resolution, which is usually something we want to achieve or obtain, a sankulpa is a robust reflection of who we want to be and how we see the world. A sankulpa targets our deepest desire, without presupposing how that desire will be fullfilled.
Join Swarandeep Kaur as she guides you in Meditations and relaxations to uncover your Sankulpa for 2020


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Our spines are an incredible combination of strength and flexibility - of Sthira and Sukha. Strong bones and large muscles give us structure and protect sensitive nerves while flexible ligaments and tendons allow the spine to move in all different planes.
With regular backbends we can help to protect this wonderful balance by increasing mobility while strengthening the supporting muscles around the skeleton.
Backbending is an essential part of a cohesive Yoga Practice. Yogi Bhajan said, "you will die but will never grow old with a flexible spine". This clinic will focus on both supine and prone backbending. Safe practices and alternatives to poses make this clinic accessable to all level of student.