Sunday February 24th 3:30-5pm

Metta Meditations on Loving Kindness

w/ Swarandeep Kaur

Loving Kindness Meditation sparks the compassionate understanding that “Just like me, All Beings wish to be Happy.” Metta Meditation extends well wishes to ourselves and our loved ones, to overlooked and difficult people and finally to All Beings.

Sunday, March 3rd 3-5PM.
Sunday March 31st 3:30-5pm

Meditations on Paper
With Susan Goodwin and Swarandeep Kaur
$40 includes Signature SHINE YOGA Journal
For anyone wanting to explore the practice of journaling as a tool for peace and clarity. We will practice gentle yoga, alternating poses with journaling prompts and meditations. After class, participants are encouraged to journal daily throughout the month and share insights in our March 31 session.

Sunday March 10th 3-5pm

Yoga Puncture


Yoga & Accupuncture wrapped up in one blissful afternoon.
Gentle, Meditative Yoga followed by Savasna. During Savasana our Accupunturist will apply the needles to  various points on the body.  WAKE UP your chi, unblock stagnent energy and feel your vitatilty like never before.


​601 West Market Street Perkasie PA 18944

Special Events & Meditations

Space is always limited for our special classes and meditations. Make Sure you pre-register.